Community demands for access to information and data for natural resource management (NRM) are increasing. The requirements of the Caring for Our Country Program and other NRM funding programs require Regional and Community groups, agencies and many other organisations to both source a range of data from State and Regional databases.

A coordinated approach to the collection and provision of data generates cost savings, develops efficiencies, minimises duplication of effort, and guarantees the long-term security of information collected as part of NRM initiatives. The ability to access reliable information from one source also minimises the effort required to use this information.

The key to addressing these business requirements more effectively is to provide a single point of access to State data on natural resources - presented as information products, rather than a multitude of data sets that require complex interpretation.

NOTICE: Some datasets (themes/maps) appearing on the SLIP NRM mapping application have not been updated for some time, thus becoming necessary for them to be removed from the application.